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Dr Herman ShahBismillahirrahmanirrahim,
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and a very good day to all.

First of all, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Student Development and Alumni Website of UUM College of Business. Our sole purpose is to create and offer programmes, initiatives, opportunities and environments that support and contribute to student success. Thus, with regard to the programmes conducted by the Student Development & Alumni Office, UUM COB (PPA UUMCOB), I pledge to ensure that the programmes will continue to provide constant support and assistance in enhancing the employment opportunities, requisite skills and holistic development of our students. Continuous soft skills training sessions, leadership enhancement workshops, industrial engagement and entrepreneurial skills training sessions will be offered and scheduled regularly by us at the Student Development & Alumni Office, UUM COB.

We are particularly focused in our efforts to promote active student participation through the establishment, promotion, and also the functions of numerous clubs and associations for students at UUM COB. Thus, I can assure you that the upcoming events are something to watch out for.

We also make every effort to keep up the prominence of our flagship Student Outward and Inward Mobility programmes as we believe that these programmes will present infinite benefits for the students, along with the opportunity for us to forge better networking with another institutions of higher education.

For that reason, in pursuit of greater excellence, let us dream and join our hands to ensure that the students at UUM COB will turn out to be successful individuals - professionally, personally and socially.

Although, in general, we have undertaken and organized various activities for our students, we envision that the best is yet to come. Thus, it is necessary for us to stay connected and informed.

We are extremely pleased and proud of the success of all alumni in their respective professions. The office of PPA UUMCOB has always remained in touch with our alumni and we strive to foster good relationship with the alumni as well as their organizations.

For our alumni, I believe that most of you must are experiencing exciting and as well as thought-provoking stages in your career. As such, it would be our pleasure to hear from you about your personal and professional journey to success, after you leave your beloved alma mater. Thus, do drop us a note or email us and share your success stories. You can also join us on Facebook and check our website to receive regular updates on PPA’s upcoming events and activities.

Last, but not least, we, at PPA UUMCOB, are ready to serve you and let us welcome the New Year with new beginnings and let the learning and fun begin.

Best regards

Dr. Herman Shah Anuar
Student Development & Alumni
College of Business (PPA COB)
3 January 2019